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Hypershot for rhino
« am: 03 Dez 2007, 08:18 »
Hallo Hat jmd schon mal mit hypershot erfahrungen gesammelt?
würde mich über antworten freuen

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Michael Meyer

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Hypershot for rhino
« Antwort #1 am: 03 Dez 2007, 09:17 »
Hallo marcel,

ich leider nicht. Aber ich schau' mir diese Woche auf der EuroMold GLSL an.



Hier ein Statement aus der Newsgroup:

Ideally, GLSL should allow for a lot of different visual effects such as
bumps, shadows, reflections, refractions, parallax mapping, procedural
textures, toon shading, hatch shaders (in fact, custom shaders) and loads
more. We've been working on GLSL (and when I say "we" I of course mean Jeff,
nobody else is clever enough for this stuff) for a while, but it has been a
very bumpy road, no pun intended.

We've been showing different versions of this plugin at different shows
(indeed NLArch2007, but also at SigGraph) but we have yet to make something
which is both useful and stable at the same time. The problems we have with
ATI cards and regular OpenGL are multiplied ten-fold with GLSL since many
cards have totally different capacities for these special features and it's
extremely hard to detect what will work and what will crash.

We have been looking into 3rd party solutions as well (by which I mean, "no
need to point us to companies selling out-of-the-box GLSL solutions") but so
far this has only slowed us down.

The features I've seen in recent months are very impressive indeed, but be
aware that all this fancy stuff delivers a harsh blow to display
performance. It's called real-time, but with 10 shadow casting lights, 360
environments and refraction, "real-time" no longer equals "working mode".

David Rutten
Robert McNeel & Associates
Turku, Finland

"Gerard Petersen" <gerard.petersen@rhinocentre.nl> wrote in message
> Jonah,
> David Rutten showed GLSL on his Rhino Perspective Viewport at the
> NLARCH2007 Rhino User Meeting. It is an advanced open GL for realtime
> display. I don't know the details, but realtime shadows are possible for
> example.
> What I found out is that advanced realtime display is very valuable for
> lots of designers who find no time to make (or source out) nice renderings
> and want to show their progress during design reviews with customers.
> Maybe David can explain a bit more about GLSL?
> Thanks,
> Gerard Petersen
> www.rhinocentre.nl
> excellence network & sales
> "jonah barnett" <jonah_barnett@bobbitrim.com> wrote in message
> news:4751ff7f$1@news2.mcneel.com...
>> Would anybody care to elaborate on what is the GLSL renderer mentioned in
>> a recent thread? I've never heard of this before...
>> jonah